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Okay, the cat can do this. it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! O w Ó. The cat thank you for your support, I have been drawing Homestuck for one year (oh wow), because I love it and love you guys ; w ;

This might be the last Homestuck giveaway for me, so I’ll try my best! Since the cat don’t have anything fancy like clothes or anything, she only have art ; w ;


- This will ends on July 1st!

I will ship it ANYWHERE! 

It’s sad to say this, but we only have one winner ; w ;


All of the comics I’ve made so far now are being printed in A5 size. The ‘Aradia’s hair cut’ with have its secret ending and cover printed!

First volume of my Schoolstuck (contain 50+ pages)

A bookmark of your choice (Homestuck only)


You only need to reblog this once O w O (like also okay but it won’t increase the chance to win)

It’s random! No matter you are the cat best friend of what, I will choose randomly!

Following me might increase the chance, after this you can unfollow me just fine ; w ; (I will go check carefully)

Lastly, thank you all again, and have a good time ^ w ^!